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Joe C

"I went to see Michael because of a slight twinge/pain in my back before a long flight and he was able to fix me in three short days    I've now been going to him for the last three months and have already seen a vast improvement in my flexibility which has led to a big improvement in my golf game
I highly recommend Michael

J Hoeschler

"It took me until my mid-fifties to acknowledge it gets harder and harder to be flexible and fit as we age (who knew?). I found I was needing longer periods of recovery for triathlon training, so I turned to Michael to help my body regain much of the flexibility I'd lost. The man is magic. Smart and patient, he explains what he's doing and why. I feel so much better, and I'm even turning in faster race times as a result. Thank you, Michael!

Richard H

"For years I sat and worked at a computer while my body slowly lost its flexibility, range of motion, and strength. I knew I needed "strong medicine", that is, a comprehensive, effective strategy to reverse this fossilization. Michael came highly recommended from a friend whom he had helped recover from a very serious hiking accident. I gave Michael a try. The results came quickly. My weekly sessions with Michael were therapeutically effective and informative. He clearly explained what he was doing, what I needed to do, and why. The phrase "magic hands" comes to mind. After each session, I felt like I was walking on air. Michael gave me homework, that is, exercises to do that would build on his treatments. Encouraged by the results of our sessions and his clear descriptions of the benefits my home exercises would bring, I did my homework each week. After two months of weekly visits and exercises at home, my body and my life have changed for the better. I feel I'm on my way to regaining the flexibility and ease of motion I had, say, 30 years ago. Michael has an extraordinary combination of medical knowledge and deep insight into what his patients need. Working with him is very enjoyable; I look forward to my weekly visit. I give Michael my highest recommendation.

Kelly E

For years I had not been able to walk any distance without terrible lower back pain and foot pain.  I'd been going to a chiropractor for years, but that seemed to be a very temporary fix.  I began working with Michael last summer.  He assisted me with stretching, increasing my flexibility, and exercise instruction.  By November I was able to walk for hours without any pain!  I continue to work with him as he continues to help me with my flexibility and increasing strength in my back and lower extremities.  The improvement I've seen has been tremendous.  Due to my noticeable improvement, my husband now sees him on a regular basis as well.  His progress has also been terrific.  We both highly recommend Michael's therapy.

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