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Hello, My name is Michael Payne and I am a Corrective Stretch Therapist. I have 20years of experience in the Fitness, Wellness, and Health industry. I've trained in many arenas from youth programs, college, professional athletes, Hollywood, and so on. What lead me to become a Corrective Stretch Therapist was my love for sports, ultimate health, my love for helping others, and the curiosity and the science of motion by way of my own athleticism. Throughout my active life, I've been able to sustain a high level, pain-free performance life but I didn't truly understand why that was until I started studying more about the muscular system and how you could manipulate it to increase performance and mobility overall. Being a Corrective Stretch Therapist has allowed me to start an Injury Prevention and Corrective Therapy practice that helps many redevelop and regain a pain-free life of mobility and flexibility. I knew most people if not everyone is/are looking for a way to have a healthy mobile body, with no resistance or restriction to movement and becoming a CST Specialist was a way that I could offer help to many seeking the answer to a youthful and fluent moving body at any age. Being a DBS Specialist for 15 years full time has allowed me to put countless smiles on clients' faces knowing that I've been able to help them no matter the age, activity, or inactivity and that's been the greatest reward and feeling ever. I look forward to many more years of service and helping people keep a lasting performance life.

  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)- CPT   

  • Corrective Stretch Therapist - DBS Specialist  

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